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“Take on a New Role”, Best’s Review, February 2020. Link

The increasing focus on data is driving chief risk officers to wear two hats, including that of chief data officer.

“All Hands on Deck”, Best’s Review, October 2019. Link

The journey to becoming truly data-driven requires a concerted effort by everyone within an organization and includes people, processes, data and technology.

“Fight Fire with Fire”, Best’s Review, July 2019. Link
Digital data is creating a Cyber risk. Digital products and processes must have security measures built in from conception to ward off Cyber attacks.

“The Data Divide”, Best’s Review,  April 2019. Link

Data ethics and data governance need to be part of every employee’s onboarding, highlighting their responsibility along the data supply chain.

“Machines to People”, Best’s Review, October 2018. Link

AI and machine learning are aiding loss prevention and business processes in new ways.

“Time for a Change”, Best’s Review, June 2018. Link

The IOT allows insurers to encourage and establish innovation in new ways.
“The New Reality”, Best’s Review, December 2017. Link
AI, machine learning and other analytic tools are the next frontier in customer engagment and new coverges.
“Information Hubs”, Best’s Review, August 2017. Link
Data and analytics will help redefine insurance and reinsurance hubs.
“Weather Alert”, Best’s Review, August 2016. Link
Today’s forecast for insurers? Cloudy with a good chance of Innovation!

“Mind the Gap”, Best’s Review, January 2016. Link

Increased data is spurring carriers to develop new was to leverage all their analytic resources.

“Brave New World”,  Best’s Review, September 2015. Link

Carriers are becoming digital insurers by digitizing processes and providing more self service capabilities.

“Succeeding with BI”, Best’s Review, October 2014. Link

Business Intelligence Competency Centers take analytics from competency to excellence

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